Friday, October 11, 2002

rain rain rain sigh...

Thursday, October 10, 2002

man...i've been put on hold for later acceptance into MCV...let's hope st. looey and vandy give me more love
Love Poem

Before I go to sleep
And after my nightly prayers
I wrap my arms
About your furry tummy.
Your big gray snout
Attached to long floppy ears
And tiny stubby limbs
Produce in me a satisfied sigh.
Wherever you end up in the morn
Whether at my feet
Or under my bed
You always wait on me
With those sad longing eyes
Ready for me to love you

Dedicated to my stuffed Ee-Oh!

I need to stop playing my guitar...calluses are getting ridiculoso...
Well, I've been informed that it is imperative that I name my guitar. It'll have to be a non-sister name or else some sister will become horrified when I refer to my guitar in public :) Maybe something exotic, like Lucia or Nyvia. Or olivia. This is gonna take me awhile...
I woke up this morning to a drip on my head. Broke out the pot. Before long, my bed was getting drenched by multiple leaks. I've retreated to the 3rd bedroom to avoid the flooding in my room.
Say hello to my new made-in-taiwan Yamaha guitar! According to Dave, it sounds just like Andrew's 2G Taylor...except I paid 1700 less. :) I suspect Jeff will be using my guitar a lot, but I can't complain since Sam did put in the order for more worship in our homes.
Found out I got another job I interviewed at, substitute teacher for developmentally disabled adults. This complements my SAT tutoring job nicely.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Went golfing in the fairway for the first time yesterday. I must confess...I am becoming addicted to this game (as a sister pointed out, I don't notice my putting motions off the course). I think the hardest part of this game is knowing where the ball lands.
Going guitar shopping with SG leader today. More ways to worship is always a good thing.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Just read Chris Vee's rant. I agree with Mr. Dad...a little civility goes a long way, esp. for us Christian guys. Just wanna emphasize, there's NOTHING wrong with being courteous, sweet, nice, whatever appreciative people may call you. You're not only more of a man, but a GODLY man. For myself as well, edifying speech is a continual process we're working towards.
Also on my mind these days...I'm so thankful for the sisters in LHF. Where would us brothers be without sisters? Probably with only one left eye. How do I see sisters?. They're "clothed with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience" (Col 3:12) And lots of good-natured humor. Honestly I think the sisters set the example in this respect. I think the brothers are also on the path to embodying these characteristics, but it's a little tougher for us. But in any case, may we NEVER take our sisters in Christ for granted!
On the way back from the gym, I was listening to 95.1 in my car. "Children are a gift from God" was playing. As a Sunday school teacher and kid-fanatic, I can't agree more. Near home, I decided to spontaneously take a survey of my neighborhood, what some refer to as 'ghetto'. There were kids loitering around various streets. One had a metal stick he was waving around, dangerously close to the cars at hand. He and his friends were dressed in gang attire, trying to look tough. I thought, how did the city corrupt the gift of God with its sinfulness? People loiter the streets everyday, with nothing positive to live for.
I think about the pawn shop on Washington St. This requires more groundbreaking prayer. Until we fully establish ourselves in this city, we will be limited as God's vessel for this community. Lord, may we give most of all our heart for this city.
On that note, check this out!

Monday, October 07, 2002


In the world's eyes...

We are undesirable, unlovely
But to Christ we are beautiful.

We are unsuccessful, of little value
But in Christ we're building a vast kingdom

We are riddled with needless difficulties
But in Christ we are at peace.

We are foolish, confused
But in Christ we have true wisdom.

We believe in an unseen God
But Christ reveals himself to us.

We are hated and despised by others
But in Christ we know how to give them love

We die with nothing to show for
But in Christ we fulfill His dreams.

I'm gonna dance like David danced!
October 15...the earliest I will find out if I get into the first three interviewed med schools. I'm excited about the prospect of becoming a physician. I've talked to a lot of brothers in AMC, and some say their job is boring and they want to do something else. Being a doctor will have its boring moments, but I can't imagine it'll stay that way for long. I am already looking into electives abroad. Go to:
This past weekend Kindred Spirit Conference was my own personal revival. I felt for the first time in at least awhile empowered to control my thoughts, which then controls my actions. I'm also practicing 'centering' on God as Pastor Daniel suggested.
Hello...this is my lazy version of the website I used to have, I don't have a digicam anymore so this will do. This is a page of random thoughts. For myself mostly, but if it can bless someone, all the better. I'm waiting to start my new I'll probably have free time to post stuff...