Thursday, October 24, 2002

This new job of mine is in Gallagher Services, a place where disabled adults are. It was my first day today. I am very thankful to God how awesome this opportunity is. I learned what it means to be truly dependent on the Lord. Today I changed the diapers of J, a 23 year old with multiple congenital abnormalities, cerebral palsy, and high blood pressure and stands a little over 3 ft tall. He does have cognition. As I was changing him, he looked at me intently as if to say "thanks for changing me, buddy". He was totally dependent on me to be clean. If I could learn to be so dependent on God like that, I would be as content as J.
I also attended a class called 'worship development'. A Catholic priest-in-training led the class of disabled adults in worship with guitar. I was so blessed to see how happy these people were, just because music was playing. I don't know the role God has for them, but I know that they are truly His little children.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I've been asked where I feel called to be for medical school. To be completely honest, my best answer is 'I don't know'...I know some well-meaning brothers and sisters want me to pray for a Maryland acceptance. Rather, my prayer these days has been for God to lead me to where I am called. Wherever He calls me, I'm there to be His servant, to bring the lost to Him, to heal the sick through Him, and to be an integral part of a fellowship of His believers, be it in Maryland, D.C. or elsewhere. As the year goes along, I think more doors will be opened (and closed). Eventually there will come a time when I have to prayerfully discern where I am supposed to be. Until then, I will continue to interview at various places, and note impressions of the people and place, while trusting that I am completely in His hands.

Monday, October 21, 2002

Got the waitlist letter at Vanderbilt...
back from New York!!! I love that city a brand spanking new complete Coltrane 1961 vanguard CD set!!! Psyched...New York Med in Valhalla is beautiful. The anatomy lab is sweet...the anatomy lab is on the top floor. Above the cadavers are beautiful plants hanging from the ceiling. An ironic touch...glad to be back,glad to be back!