Saturday, January 11, 2003

Oh man...hello haven't been here in some time. It's like a once a month thing now, pretty sad. So I am thinking about church a lot. What makes our church work? What doesn't. I talk to a lot of people that tried my church and didn't find what they wanted. Is it their own disillusionment from their experiences or is it the ministry that they're trying out? I think it's a difficult question to answer. I dunno...but I think my church is so awesome, yet not perfect. It's the best church to me. What else can I say? I'm glad I can speak so forcefully about how God is blessing my church, which is something I couldn't do before. People are jaded by church these days. I think it's because community is lacking completely in many churches. People need to feel they are welcome and belong to the community, and not judged critically or harshly. It's a difficult thing to decide what's good about a church and what's not. I think in general, if we see the fruits of the church, it's the best way to determine how it's doing and if it's a good church to follow.