Friday, March 21, 2003

Here's a new song for the musical..."I've got ants in my pants, I've got ants in my pants..." I've been posting 200% more than I normally do on Student Doctor Network Found out next to the 'alternate' box on the UC Irvine status check I'm on 'hold'. Great. Supposedly a decision letter should come soon after. Anyway I responded to a thread on studentdoctor titled Hopkins Pre-Med: Suicide? You can guess which one is mine probably. Anyway, maybe I should do some QT instead of blogging now.
My prediction. This war will be over in one week. Reconstruction will take years.
If I were a rich man, deedle-dee-dee-dum....matchmaker, matchmaker find me a catch!
Going to go see Fiddler on the Roof with my roommate, his boss, and boss's wife. Yes, I am his default date. But hey, a free buffet dinner and one of the best musicals in my opinion, I can't complain!

Tho I feel kinda guilty with the war going on..

Thursday, March 20, 2003

I am declaring April Big Fat Packet Month! Maryland should get back to me by the end of first week. UCSF, UCI, and Penn State will get to me by end of 2nd or 3rd week. When the dust clears, I will have a much better idea of where I'll be. Unless I'm waitlisted at all of them
I think the most feasible time to go to Nepal is after 1st year of med school. Though looking at the CME site, the Andes sounds really cool too. Or the Artic region. Okay, gotta plan them one after the other. I need to get out of this town, out of this country, into some new exotic place.
This is really interesting...6-7 figures for some of them!
Wish they would get my name right...

Dear Daniel,

My name is Michael Dudeck, and I'm the Operations Manager for Canadian
Himalayan Expeditions. I don't foresee the current Iraq conflict or
Nepalese issues having any effect on the safety of our trips to Nepal
other Asian destinations). All of our trips over the next few weeks and
months to Nepal are going ahead as planned.



Just sent an email to Canadien Himalayan Exp. to ask how safe to travel there. Yes, I know I'm obsessed about this trip.
So the war finally started. I'm very curious as to how these precision bombs work. It's like, travelling from 1000's of miles away, slips into the plumbing of Sadaam's home, and finds him seated on the toilet. Okay, it's early in the weird humor is kicking in. I'm going to check CNN regularly today...

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I dream of Nepal...

Time to go to meeting...
ok ok i'm alive. someone (and you're likely the only one reading this) gently encouraged me to start this up again. Just as well, since I'm not busy at all these days at work. Just blog-surfing the day away it seems. I do have a meeting today on glucose monitoring. It'll involve some physicians in the discussion of payment for the test under Medicare. Sounds bo-ring, huh? But it's cool with me, I should know this stuff for the future. Waiting, waiting, waiting for med schools to send me love in the form of a big packet. UCSF and Maryland, I'm waiting for you with a restless heart. :) I really want to find out so I can semi-plan my life and let my fellow premeds get into the schools I'm sitting on. Okay that's it for now...I'll write laters.