Friday, May 09, 2003

I've estimated there to be at least 3 regular checkers of this blogsite, apart from me. Wonder if and who else is reading this...

Pretty much done with stuff I needed to do today, and it's only 3. Ahhh...government work. Actually, I think my job is so specialized that I have less FINISH STAT work than most other people. I mean, right now all that's left for me to do is 2004 new lab test payment determinations (I'm more than halfway done), and that's not really due anytime soon. I'm just doing it so I can say I'm doing something for the government and not wasting taxpayers' money. :)
But seriously, everyday, when I walk with my shirt and tie towards my big building with 'Department of Health and Human Services' emblem (official-looking eagle) I feel great pride in doing something that in some way affects over 75 million beneficiaries. Not too many jobs can boast that! But then again, being a high school bio teacher in the ghetto is a pretty sexy job too.
Quote from USC, the nicest reject letter received yet (next to UCSF reg program):

I sincerely hope that you follow your educational dreams at another medical school. And four years from now, if your residency match brings you to LAC+USC, please stop by and say hello.

Edit: What am I supposed to say? Booh-Yah?!
;) my mom didn't get the vase. She doesn't really care though. A free vase probably won't be that attractive anyway. I think I'll send her tulips at least two more times during the year...definitely on her birthday!
Lots of thoughts coming into work:
I went through a thorough spring cleaning this past week. My room is very orderly now, and my car was washed and I cleaned the interior as best as I could. I take pride in having these things cleaned, as it was getting out of hand. I've resolved to be a lot more careful about making everything spic and span and in order. It really clears up my mind and heart, just a simple thing as keeping order.
Today I was in a really good mood. I didn't know exactly why...some possible reasons:
1) Accepted into a decent med school and waiting on some more
2) A great job in which I can arrive late and leave a bit early (to go work out downstairs)
3) An amazing small group to be part of.
4) Family is in perfect health and financially stable
5) Best church in the world for me.
But I was thinking, and all of these things are blessings and all...but there's one thing that's REALLY making me happy...

Witnessing someone being utterly transformed by Christ and not only receiving God's love but giving it! I am so humbled beyond words by it, and now he will do 'greater things than these'...I'm just excited.

I'm really excited about my 'new' hobbies. Tonight, will shoot pool like Fast Eddie. Saturday, raining permitting I will go golfing with JKai. Starting June, every Monday evening, I will be taking sailing lessons on Key Highway. And GET THIS...I'm planning on taking Hip Hop Dance lessons on Thursday evenings for an hour. Yeah, I's hard to imagine. But why not...I love music, and it's something out of character for me. You know I'm all about spontaneity. Gotta reign in the budget though. :P
Break over. Back to work.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Just checked Student Doctor Network, and someone actually turned down Harvard Med!
What has happened on the Harvard side:
Secretary at H-Admissions: Hullo what's this? Another letter of begging or letter of million dollar donation. (Opens letter) Oh my God! Look Thelma, what is this?
Thelma, another secretary: Why, I believe it's...a letter of withdrawal? Never seen this in my time here! Call the associate dean!
Associate Dean: Impossible! Bring it in here. (Reads the letter, commotion is starting the admissions office) Call the dean!
Dean of Harvard Med, at golf course: What the Devil!? (Keels over, has a heart attack in his old age)
Okay, I'm being weird now. But seriously, I didn't even apply to Harvard...I would rather be known as the guy who turned down Harvard than one who went, those stuffed shirts!
Is there such a person as a 'bore'? What constitutes a boring person? My thought is that everyone has interesting life experiences and can potentially be intriguing, with their distinct thoughts. That being said, I do know of a few that are very predictable and are very set on their ways of doing things. Spontaneity is a trait I REALLY like in my friends.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Perfect Universe...the perfect romantic jazz song by Christian singer Audrey Hatcher. When I meet that person, I'll propose this as 'our song'.
My mom received her bouquet of tulips! Yay! But the next thing she asked was "Was it expensive". When I told her the price, she thought it was too much though she really appreciated the thought. Ah...asian moms, always thinking about saving an extra penny.

Monday, May 05, 2003

Mother's Day is May 11th. I sent out an order yesterday...20 long stem tulips that comes with a free heart-shaped vase. Free shipping by FedEx! I just hope it comes in on time and in mint condition. I miss mommy!!!
I just realized...the thought of moving all over again is making me naseous. It would be a lot easier to just stay in my place and go to Maryland...
Leaders in the family: mom and dad. Yesterday at volleyball/basketball fellowship I had a talk with 'mom' aka Pastor Joanne. She looked at me straight in the eye, and said 'Eugene, it's time you decided where you want to be'. She told me to pray for desire for a specific place (e.g. Maryland) instead of just waiting for the chips to fall with the waitlists come back. She said it was not only okay, but necessary to determine what I want, and it's not selfish to pray about that.
She went on to tell me that how I react to the whole 'where do I go to med school?' situation will reflect how I choose 'who is the right one for me' in the future. I knew she'd somehow bring that up, with all those sisters she wants to marry off. :)
But seriously, it's amazing how our church has leaders who without saying very much (she didn't know whose small group I was in) can determine spiritually where you are. Needless to say, I need to pray A LOT more about this.
So much easier to just neglect myself and focus on other people, ie the person I'm ministering to. But that's not the right approach to this whole thing.