Saturday, May 17, 2003

This was SO much fun to translate and sing along. May need some more minor tweaking.

Ke Ai Nuu Ren (by Jay Chow, English lyrics translation by Eugene Wang)

I long for a coptor
I long to fly with you to the stars
I long to be together with you
We’ll melt into the milky way

Day by day by day I long, long for you
This sweetness makes me
Believe in fate
I’m grateful to fate
For letting me run into You

So beautiful you make me blush, my sweet sweet one
So gentle you make my heart ache, my sweet sweet one
So close to my heart I can feel you, my sweet sweet one
So bad you make me wild wild, my sweet sweet one

This world is so big and I’m just a small small ant
But I promise to use all, all, all my strength to protect you

Friday, May 16, 2003

Passion--it's what makes this world go round. A passion for a good game of pool, a passion for music, a passion for medicine, a passion for life. This God we worship must be more passionate than we can ever imagine to muster up such creative energy. The people he's created are made to be passionate about life and thus passionate for Him.
There's nothing more attractive than people with absolute passion for everything they do.
'Maria' featuring Wyclef Jean and Santana

"ah mama chulah mama chulah"

Listenin to Jesus Freak by DC Talk.
Addendum to Friday Five:
6) What tattoo would you put on yourself?
Not a tattoo guy, but I'd put JESUS FREAK!

hehe...God will have to command me to go through with the tattoo
Alright, I don't plagiarize often, but I'll match my friend's 'Five' here...
1. What drinking water do you prefer -- tap, bottle, purifier, etc.?
We have a purifier at home attached to the sink...I've been drinking from that during this cold. I also bought bottles of sparkling water with a hint of fruitiness. It helps with the sore throat...I swear man!

2. What are your favourite flavor of chips?
Cheez-puffs..which is why I stay away from them chips!

3. Of all the things you can cook, what dish do you like the most?
Stir-fried anything. I can stir-fry whatever you give me. I am dabbling in Korean food as well--well just Bulgoki.
Why isn't there an Iron Chef Korea??? ;)

4. How do you have your eggs?
1) Scrambled, with pepper and ketchup! 2) omelette

5. Who was the last person who cooked you a meal? How did it turn out?
Bri cooked for me last...he made some sausages and pasta. It was very very good!
In my home, I'm the cook ;)
I daresay I should not venture far from my house today. Bleech! Horrible outside...I was planning on going to work for a bit, but I need to save every bit of strength for outreach tonight.

AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! My aunt works in National Taiwan University Hospital! She doesn't want to go to work anymore, fearing she'll bring that plague home, but gov't is enforcing all gov. subsidized institutions to remain in operation. Which means she'll get paid more, a meaningless compensation for such a deadly virus.

What my aunt and uncle (both doctors in high volume hospitals) are doing to protect their family:
leaving the hospital environment the second they can be allowed to; being outdoors as much as possible; wearing face masks at ALL times. This is SOOOO scary, I'm praying for them like crazy.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

You may be wondering how I've been passing time as I wrestle with the bug. Well aside from QT and guitar worship, I've been downloading *a lot* of asian music videos. I don't know why, but it's so fascinating to watch. Maybe cuz my extended relatives are all there and most of my friend's roots are from there. I am really curious by the gen-X over there. I have a few more Jay Chow favorite is this song he sings about a cute woman. It's called 'Ke Ai Nuu Ren" Can you say that? Means "Cute woman" literally. The song itself isn't cutesy, but rather moody and soulful which is why I like Jay Chow's styles.
Boa's 'Sara' is my's ethereal and has a real nice beat. But I also like her Japanese takes like Kimochi Wa far as I can tell, she is perfectly fluent. Did you know Boa sings in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, AND English? This girl wants to conquer the world--watch out!
Jang Nara's 'It's Probably Love' is really Ke Ai (hehe, did you get that?). Sweet Dreams is WAY to cutesy, she looks like a twelve year old in that. Some may beg to differ :P
I just can't get into pop culture in the states. I really think I'm a fob at heart, although I came when I was one. Guess I just identify more with asian culture.
Okay, I have orders to get I'll leave it at this for now.
Happy May 15th everybody! I'm feeling Bleeech, but today is a special day. Why? For one, because waitlists at med schools start moving rather quickly, and even more importantly...MATRIX RELOADED starts today! I can't wait to see it, having seen the trailer only for the first time yesterday. It's a guy movie that girls like a lot too. Although looks like there's some on-screen romance :P Boo! I heard so many things about Pearl Harbor and its stupid romance plot that I don't ever want to see it.
I need to get well by the end of today (my deadline) so I can feel good enough to shoot some hustler pool.
They call me...not-so-fast Eddie.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Just got back from the doctor's at U of Maryland on Paca. All in all, it took a lot longer than expected. As I was walking there, I saw some white coats, and a tingling sensation was in my chest. I looked at the buildings, esp. the new one. It's a really awesome campus. An M3 came into the office and asked if she could examine me before the attending did. I was like, I can't refuse cuz I'll be in your shoes three years from now. She did a pretty good job I thought. The attending was really cool too. Though too much SARs jokes. I think asians are perceived as being potentially dangerous carriers. I reiterated that I didn't know anyone from there recently and had not come back from there. :P
So I'm taking some Robitussin codeine, and skipping work tomorrow to rest up. Doctor's orders.
Korea's got Jang Nara, BoA. But my motherland Taiwan's got Jay...

awesome newsbio of him...
Just a qualifier: I was born in Taipei, Taiwan. So I'm no wannabe...
I was told that the next stage of my sickness is a nasty cough. I'm drugged up by the ghetto version of NyQuil, so can't go to work. Hopefully my boss will send some stuff my way at home.
We wait on opportunities for the Lord to do great things. But in the meantime, there is much to do--prayer is very important. Scripture tells us to pray constantly. While this seems impractical, I am learning that it isn't. God is concerned over every detail of my life, and so in every detail I need to present concerns to Him. It gives Him pleasure and joy when I do so.
He is my Father, and like any good Father, knows how to discipline his son. He will NOT give me opportunities for ministering to others if I'm not ready to do so. Not until he disciplines me so I can carry His work out. This may sound strange, but I truly desire to be disciplined by God, and whipped into shape. I can expect pain, as discipline is never pleasant. (Hebrews 12:6)
In the words of John White: "Faith grows by painful discipline carried out by the father of the family."
However I believe we have a choice in whether to be disciplined or not. Even as a child, I remember times when my father disciplined me, I knew he was loving me by spanking me. I knew I had done something wrong, and needed to be corrected. So I didn't run away into the streets or hide in the closet. I swallowed my pride, and went to get what I needed.
In this day and age, many Christians have a false sense of security in that they believe they have a close relationship with God and feeling lovey dovey happy all the time. This is a sure sign that they DON'T have a close relationship with Him. For they will KNOW the pain of discipline, and be humbled and corrected by it.
My prayer and vision is that Christian men and women in this generation will eagerly accept discipline from the Lord, not because it feels good, but because we get to know the Father better because of it.
Oh I am feeling the pain now...

Tuesday, May 13, 2003 hip hop class...May 31st. I have at least one other brother willing to do it with me (yay!) Other brothers are mulling over it...hmmmm...

Monday, May 12, 2003

Pitt is accepting people off the waitlist.
(In the voice of Iron Chef announcer):
Let the games begin!

It's amazing the number of telemarketers that call: I sponsored the Fraternal Order of Police, and they thank me by fowarding my name to Baltimore Retired Police, Fire Fighter, you name it. Jeez, I don't mean to be rude, but I just hang up...
You asked for it: The qualities of a balanced, Christian man: He knows when to laugh, and cry, when to be strong, and to be vulnerable, when to be generous, and to save, when to give and when to take, when to take daring risks, and to be utmost cautious, but at ALL times, He is to cry out the gospel (key word: cry out, not whisper).

Come to think of it, possessing these qualities would automatically make one a leader in a ministry.
While on the subject, this is my $0.02, and thus I can say whatever I want (and deal with consequences thereafter).

I think many Christian guys are feminized (see previous blog), including many in my fellowship (even myself :P) Why do I say this? Because I think in my fellowship, we guys perceive that we need to (and are somewhat expected to) be a 'gentleman'. What does this mean? To not step on other people's toes and say the wrong thing. To be very nice and very good; we don't do anything daring at the risk of being stupid. We fear our reputation of niceness will be tainted by doing something out of the ordinary. What is the result? Very ordinary people. Is that what God really wants? I don't think so. If God is a warrior, then surely His image-bearer, man, must also have warrior-like qualities. When I say warrior, I don't mean going around wounding other people or picking fights. Rather, I think it's a way of life...a warrior is very respectful of his elders (spiritual elders) but maintains his own integrity. He is quick to change what is not working instead of whining about it. He is sure of what he does, even if it's wrong. See, he's not stubborn on an unwillingness to change, but stubborn on a willingness to change. He is the balanced Christian man (see above). And he is always ready to fight, for what he believes. You may think I'm being presumptuous. I will admit, I'm not a warrior yet, not nearly. Does it really take a traumatic situation to stir the warrior heart in us guys???
I am taking up arms and being the warrior for Christ I'm called to be.

"Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so taht I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should."
Eph 6:19-20
Friendship is...

when your friend's good news is your good news (even better news actually).
Talked to a co-worker at lunch. He's interested in playing pool this Friday...Bri aka Fast Eddie, you game?
I read the first chapter of 'Wild at Heart' at Barnes and Noble yesterday. It's an awesome book about how society and the church have emasculated men, making them think the pinnacle of Christian men is being a 'nice guy'. John Elderedge goes on to declare that this is NOT what God has intended; every man is 'wild at heart' meaning there is an explorer, discoverer, little boy wanting to break out of the 'nice guy' shell. I'm gonna get this book online.
Another interesting read: Samurai; the Codes of Honor. This is a translation from 15th century Japan. 'Bushido' is the samurai way of life. The book starts out with the idea that a samurai always keeps death in his mind. That way everything he does will preserve his life as much as possible. Everything he says and does is with this notion in mind.
Every church, every ministry has a 'culture'. Question is, is this 'culture' glorifying God or is it hindering the glory given to Him?
A very thought-provoking question:

Does a holy person know he/she is holy?

My take:
First, definition of a holy person: someone who KNOWS God's holiness. Holiness is an impartation from God to man.
No, a truly holy person is so consumed by God's holiness that he sees the utter 'unholiness' of himself. So actually, a holy person feels a whole lot less 'holy' than someone who does not know God's holiness. That being said, he is transformed by God's impartation of holiness and experiences greater joy, while knowing he is far less holy than his God.
Isn't it paradoxical? I definitely don't feel 'unholy' enough. Which means I should really dive into God's holiness. Knowing this however, I am on the right track to knowing HIS Holiness more.
Bleech! Was sick most of this weekend. I started feeling really nasty inside after playing racquetball. I think the running and sweating catalyzed it. Saturday night was the worst...was tossing and turning all night long. Sunday morning I was still feeling horrible, but resolved to go to church. Still felt horrible all Sunday night, but this morning I felt perfectly fine! Praise God for answering my cries for help! My roommate had been down for the past couple weeks, so a weekend wasn't all that bad. Actually I have to confess I was a bit annoyed that I caught the bug from him (like, thanks bro), but it's not like he could help it, right? ;)

I'm beginning to believe that God is waiting for me to be ready for news from med school. He's witholding information from me until I can handle it...

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Jang Nara is adorable! More impressively, she seems to have a great relationship with her parents.
(Yes, I know I'm not Korean, but I'm fascinated with kpop and jpop)

My lil' brother thinks she's okay-looking, not his type. I expected just as much. His 'type' is Taiwanese :D hehehe