Friday, May 23, 2003

And now, the humor of the day...
Q: How many Al-Sahaf's does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: There is no need to change the lightbulb. It glows brilliantly, basking in the power of the wholly intact and fully functional local power station. The room is not dark, and there is no bruise on your knee from the furniture you didn't walk into - Allah be Praised!

You know, it's really interesting how some people write in their blogsites. I mean, they can be SO different in person. Online chat and blogging can make people feel so much more secure, behind a monitor. In addition, as much as personals tout how good they are, I'll never buy into the fact that you can really develop a strong relationship with first impressions being a list of likes and dislikes online. In the end, any transmitting of thoughts online should be an extension of your true character and personality, not the only means to be yourself (or someone you're not for that matter).
Rain or no rain...I'm so thankful for long weekend...
AAAAHHHH! Waitlists suck! I just called Maryland...the lady was pretty curt as expected, but then she suddenly turned all nice. I was thinking, 'do they hire bipolars?' Anyway, I asked her to send my waitlist letter to Baltimore, cuz they were only sending it to my perm address in Kali.
She said the Committee wasn't finished drawing up the ranked list, and it would tell me where I was, either top, middle, or bottom.
She also told me, 'I remember your name, you're from Hopkins, right?' She said that they've been receiving a *LOT* of letters from me and people on my behalf (boss, Ms Savage). Hehehe...I gave her a sheepish 'Oh, really?'
What can I say, I REALLY want to get into this school. It didn't seem to be a problem, but I'm gonna lay off 'updating' them on my life for at least a few more weeks.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

I must admit, this looks really intriguing. It'd be a cool place to go with a date, like on that Blind Date show or something...nothing like creeping out that special someone!
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Monica Belluci is hot
Don't never tell me she's not.
Trinity had a look that could literally kill when Neo planted Persephone (Belluci) one
UPDATE: She will play Mary Magdalene in Mel Gibson's new movie Passion, Jesus' last 12 hours on earth. Okay, if you cast her in Mary Magdalene, this is probably NOT going to be good...
Just bought a RioVolt MP3/CD Player!!!

On sale for $49.88 PLUS 20 bucks rebate...30 bucks for me to listen to my fobby music at work!

Two kinds of lives I envision for myself: an influential physician with lots of resources to give to church and missions...a missionary doctor, living an utterly destitute life with lots of love and medicine to give to the needy. I think I can sum up my explanation for having such unique vision: I want an extraordinary; The suburban ordinary life is about as distasteful to me as flat coke. ;)
I don't understand how people can live without envisioning better things for themselves (not $$$)'s no wonder you hear about middle and upper middle class young adults trying drugs, alcohol, etc. to escape the terrifying banality of their lives.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I wonder if they've scanned Christians deep in prayer. I actually believe that meditation is a very beneficial's equivalent or better to a good night sleep. Took "Buddhist Experiences" in college. Hearing Beethoven's 9th and Handel's Messiah also puts me in really good temperament. :)
Thinking...where am I going to be four years from now? In my 4th year elective year as an MSIV. I want to do a clinical clerkship at Harvard, part of the Harvard medical School Exchange Clerkship Prpgram, another one at UCSF, and then one abroad somewhere, maybe Germany, Switzerland, Japan, or Taiwan. It's fun to think about, but things don't usually end up the way I plan exactly...
I would say I have 80% of 'Ke Ai Nuu Ren' song down singing in Chinese. That's pretty good, considering that I don't understand some of the Chinese is limited and poetic Chinese is difficult. But it is *SOO* much fun to sing along, I can't get tired of these songs. Maybe I'll have Bri translate this song in Korean, I like it so much (I know Kun-Mori means "Big Head")
Songs I d/l and listen to ad nauseum:
Ke Ai Nuu Ren-Jay
1943 (Love before the Century)-Jay
Kimochi wa Tsutawaru-BoA
Beautiful-Snoop/Pherrell (I like the beats, not nec. the content...have you seen the video to it? Mothers, cover your children's eyes! :)
I also have a new Banana Republic Soul rocks.
And of course, the Everyone CD is awesome.
So I was introduced at a CMM-wide (Center for Medicare management) meeting. Fortunately, it wasn't a long intro; I just stood up and sat back down. A really dull meeting, with acronyms thrown around that I still don't know, and a spiel about Project Management Group that I would never deal with. I did meet this really nice guy Lewis who is in charge of the CMM picnic in July. Offered to help out with that, if I'm still working then.
Pretty excited about getting Monday off...if this weather would just stop, maybe I can go some place cool...

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I'm getting muy excited by this whole hip hop thing. I think I've been watching the k-videos too many times or something, but some of those moves are really cool. There's this short clip of BoA teaching some black dancers in NYC. They couldn't really keep up with her, she was so fast! It'll definitely be good exercise, with 3-4 min of constant movement.

Acura MDX, Lexus RX330...nice nice cars...
So it took me 2 friggin' hours (yes, I'm annoyed) to get to work. There was a huge accident on the beltway supposedly, though I didn't see anything. I did my QT, which usually lasts the 15 minutes it takes to get to work, read the chapter assigned in small group again, and wrote down more stuff to share about my small group leader tonight. And talked to a friend for 25 minutes on my cell. So it wasn't a complete waste of time, but still annoying nevertheless.
Bri started a thread on Chris Vee's website, that really took off! It was what car matches who...and the sisters definitely had opinions for me. Luxury car...I love beemers, but they're such rice rockets. Doesn't matter I guess, as long as it suits me fine. I would like a V6 SUV, that'd be real nice, for the outdoors and such.

Monday, May 19, 2003

Ok, I'm a guy, so I'm just going to blurt it out...Monica Belluci is hot! (But even if I could, I wouldn't marry someone like that...I would be sick of guys turning their heads to gawk at my wife)
Saw the Matrix yesterday. I'm not going to even pretend I understood what was going on with the details and nuances. Too much romance, I was grossed out by Neo and Trinity's lovey-doveyness. Zion is at war with the sentinels (machines) and the only way for the rapidly deteriorating Zionic army is for Neo to go to the Source of the Matrix and 'reload' or reboot the whole matrix program. The plot was really complicated and convoluted. The 'architect' of the matrix program gave some long spiel to Neo that I filtered through completely. Ever have those moments when someone is going on and on telling you something and you nod your head but nothing is getting through? ;)
The action sequences were awesome. I liked Seraph (Joseph Chong) and his fight with Neo. The freeway scene was also madness...